In order to provide a structured response to the growing demand for caregivers to assist elderly people in Europe, while also protecting migrant care workers, the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) initiated the ICMC Cares program.

The aim of ICMC Cares is to develop new professional and ethical standards in the field of home caregiving services for elderly people, particularly affected by neurodegenerative diseases, and the establishment of organizational and legal frameworks for the delivery of these services.

Through the program, qualified training and certifications are provided to paramedical professionals from Eastern Europe who are later employed in the home care sector in Eastern and Western Europe. Furthermore, ICMC Cares supports experienced caregivers in finding fair employment in Western Europe through partnerships with serious employers. The concrete focuses of the program are:

It`s always a pleasure to see people with skills helping people in need. Our aim is to provide good people with specialized paramedical skills to Western European countries, which need these professionals in the home care sector. I do believe in the great potential of this collaboration.” 

Dr. Rafal Bieniada, President of the Institute of Applied Science and Technology in Gorne, Poland