About Us

The International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) is a registered non-profit organization working in the areas of refugee and migration issues.

ICMC was founded in 1951, in the wake of the massive displacement caused by the Second World War. Initiated by the joint efforts of Pope Pius XII, Monsignor Giovanni Battista Montini (Vatican Secretary for Relations with States and later Pope Paul VI), and American layman James J. Norris, ICMC was created to coordinate the work of Catholic organizations in responding to the needs of migrants, refugees and displaced persons, as well as to advocate in the intergovernmental and governmental institutions on their behalf. ICMC was officially granted public juridical status by the Holy See in 2008. It works in close collaboration with the Secretary of State of the Vatican and with the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People.

ICMC promotes durable solutions and better protection for migrant workers through the ICMC Cares project, which was initiated in 2013. Developed as a public-private partnership, ICMC Cares is carried out in collaboration with regional public administrations, employment services, academic institutes, and private hospitals in Eastern Europe. The program is implemented by the ICMC Eastern Europe Foundation in Poland, which is registered as an employment agency, while the ICMC Headquarter in Switzerland provides support and coordination of different entities. The Foundation is registered under the high patronage of Mr. Józef Jodlowski, President of the Carpathian Euroregion.

Our Management

Monsignor Robert J. Vitillo

Monsignor Robert J. Vitillo is the Secretary General of the International Catholic Migration Commission since June 2016.
A national of the United States of America, Msgr. Vitillo is a trained social worker with a broad expertise in migration and refugee services, child protection, social services, human rights, HIV/AIDS and global health. From 2005 to 2016, he served as Head of Delegation of Caritas Internationalis in Geneva and as Special Advisor on HIV and AIDS.

From 1997 to 2005, Msgr. Vitillo held the position of Executive Director for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. During the 1980’s, as Director of Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Paterson, New Jersey, he coordinated the resettlement of Southeast Asian, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Haitian and Cuban refugees to the United States and assisted ICMC in the design of cultural orientation programs for refugees in Bataan, Philippines.

Msgr. Vitillo pursued graduate studies in theology and psychology; he completed a Master of Social Work degree with concentrations in clinical social work and management.  He is a Catholic priest and served in Catholic Church-related charitable agencies at local, national, and global levels. He speaks English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Andrzej Sados

Andrzej Sados is the Head of Programs in Eastern Europe. He joined ICMC in 2012, and is responsible for the coordination of “ICMC Cares”.
Born in Warsaw (Poland), Andrzej started his career as a Foreign Service diplomat for the Polish Government. Between 1998 and 2012, he served as Deputy Permanent Representative of Poland at the United Nations in Geneva.

Among other responsibilities, he was in charge of Poland’s cooperation with the UN High Commissioners for Refugees and Human Rights and with several other international organizations. He later worked as a diplomat in the Polish Embassy of Budapest (Hungary), as a spokesperson and Information Director for the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and as Under-Secretary of State in the office of the Polish Prime Minister.

Andrzej holds a degree in law from the University of Warsaw. He also studied at the Faculty of Law of the Etvos Lorand University in Budapest and at Hertford College in Oxford (United Kingdom)

Monika Tarlaga

Monika Tarlaga is responsible for the coordination of the project in Eastern Europe.

She holds a master degree from the Faculty of Management in Warsaw. Now she is conducting her PhD in Marketing and Management at the University of Warsaw (Poland). She is an academic teacher and researcher. She joined ICMC Cares in September 2016 and she coordinates the recruitment process in Western Europe – Poland. She is also responsible for the Marketing Campaign of ICMC Cares in Eastern Europe.

Marek Grzelewski

Marek Grzelewski is the owner of the Higher School of International Relations and American Studies in Warsaw. He is also a co-owner of several Higher Schools in Poland. He is the CEO and Board member in several Polish business companies and Vice-Rector of the Higher School of International Relations and American Studies. Mr Grzelewski holds a PhD degree in Political Science. He is also a journalist and political commentator.

Rafał Bieniada

Rafał Bieniada is the founder of the State Higher School in Warsaw. He is also a co-owner of several Higher Schools in Poland and dean in Higher School of International Relations and American Studies in Warsaw.  He is a CEO and Board member of several Polish business companies. Board member in Inst. of Applied Science and Technology (USA).

He holds a PhD degree in Political Science.  Mr Bieniada is also an academic teacher and researcher.