Our Caregivers

The project seeks to protect labor migrants in the care sector through partnerships with regional employers and educational institutions in Eastern and Western Europe. Through these partnerships with employers, hospitals, schools and regional employment agencies ICMC Cares can offer fair employment possibilities and educational and vocational training.

We make a special effort to incorporate highest possible ethical standards, including respect for human dignity, into the process of education, training and vocational practices of caregivers. ICMC Cares is committed to cooperate with decent employers in the care sector who can offer fair employment to our candidates. Our caregivers are carefully selected and have the necessary passion and commitment to care for elderly or disabled people. Our pool of caregivers consists of professionals with different educational backgrounds and experience in providing care. Our caregivers speak several European languages, especially English and German. We also have the possibility to provide language courses to our participants trough our partnerships.


Interview with an English-speaking and German-speaking ICMC Cares participant: