Our Training

Through partnerships with regional institutions, ICMC Cares can offer courses which include vocational training for domestic caregivers for elderly or disabled people and other patients needing care. The program is implemented in cooperation with local authorities and the regional public employment administration. Vocational training programs include ethical and professional standards as well as necessary caregiving skills, which are measured by examination upon conclusion of the training cycle. Efforts are made to arrange placement of the graduates with domestic care operators in Western Europe to encourage temporary labor migration and to reintegrate caregivers in the domestic care sector upon return.


Modern Training Facilities


The institutional pool of ICMC Cares in Poland consists of 9 main training facilities, which are located in Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Wrzesnia, Bydgoszcz, Piotrków Trybunalski, Rzeszów, and Szczecin. The real jewel in the crown is the newly build, top of the line hospital in Wrzesnia near Poznan. The best medical equipment put together with the best trainers, staff and employees are making this facility unique in the region.

Qualified Caregivers


ICMC Cares is cooperating with leading regional hospitals in Górne and in Września and private and state-operated nursing homes in several locations in Poland which are preparing highly skilled caregivers for elderly people to become the valuable personal assets on the European market. Through these partnerships, ICMC Cares has the possibility to offer participants training in the field of caregiving and language proficiency.

Continuous Improvement


The constant rotation of caregivers in the ICMC Cares network in Poland and abroad is enforcing the high capacity for improving obtained skills and exchanging ideas. ICMC Cares believes in language skills, education, training and personal commitment. We are dedicated to establishing long-term cooperations with institutions in Eastern Europe and abroad in order to improve the working conditions in the care sector.